Rally Sweden WRC2Pro Pace Report

WRC2Pro Sweden Mads Ostberg Citroen C3 R5

Rally Sweden WRC2Pro Recap

Mads Ostberg took an easy win in the WRC2Pro championship in his first rally in the Citroen C3 R5. He wasn’t at the limit though at any point and he will be thankful for the early misfortunes of others that allowed him to cruise to victory.

Kalle Rovanpera would have been the most likely winner in the category with some lightening stage times. But a couple of heavy slides into the snowbanks consumed a damaging amount of time.

For M-Sport’s Gus Greensmith, Rally Sweden would be a learning exercise with championship points a bonus. Lukasz Pieniazek‘s rally also turned into a training and testing session after he slid his Fiesta R5 into a tree. The Rally2 times for 8 stages were far too damaging.

Skoda’s Eerik Pietarinen had the worst luck however. After a mixed rally of great, good and poor pace he crashed out less than 10km from the end. It’s unclear if he was pushing or not but if so he had no reason to as his position was cemented.

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Rally Sweden Targets

  • Stages: 19
  • Total Distance: 316.8km
  • +1s/km = +5m 16.8s overall
  • +2s/km = +10m 33.6s overall
  • +1s/km = +16.7s on the average stage
  • +2s/km = +33.4s on the average stage
WRC2Pro and WRC2 Pace Heatchart for Rally Sweden.
WRC2Pro and WRC2 Pace Heatchart for Rally Sweden, in class classification order.


Mads Ostberg – Citroen C3 R5

  • WRC2Pro: 1st
  • RC2 Class: 2nd
  • Overall: 11th
  • Time: 2:55:54.5
  • WRC2Pro xC: 2nd
  • RC2 Class xC: 5th
  • Overall xC: 17th
  • Average Pace: +0.6s/km
  • Rally Time Rating: 97.71%
  • Class Stage Wins: 0/19
  • Best Pace: Consistent all rally
  • Notable Time Loss: None
  • Review: Mads was vocally unhappy with the Citroen C3 R5. However he held a clear lead of WRC2Pro of over 2 minutes from SS5 and had little reason to push harder even had the car allowed him.

Kalle Rovanpera – Skoda Fabia R5

  • WRC2Pro Classification: 2nd
  • RC2 Class Classification: 9th
  • Overall Classification: 18th
  • Time: 2:59:13.7
  • WRC2Pro xC: 1st
  • RC2 Class xC: 4th
  • Overall xC: 15th
  • Average Pace: +1.2s/km
  • Rally Time Rating: 95.21%
  • Class Stage Wins: 3/19
  • Best Pace: Lost just 22 seconds between SS3 and SS12.
  • Notable Time Loss: Snow bank on SS3 (~+2:30), SS13 (~+2:30)
  • Review: Clearly the fastest in WRC2Pro but the two incidents cost him the Pro win, possible class win and possible top 10 overall. Two incidents here and mistakes in Monte suggest Kalle may be passing the limit and riding his luck. However these were not terminal mistakes. The pace eased after the second spin, most likely to ensure the finish.
WRC2Pro Pace Chart at Rally Sweden 2019
Rally Sweden WRC2Pro gPace chart. See further down for s comparison including WRC2 entrants. Lukasz Pieniazek is below the boundary of the chart due to an early retirement.

Gus Greensmith – Ford Fiesta R5

  • WRC2Pro Classification: 3rd
  • RC2 Class Classification: 10th
  • Overall Classification: 19th
  • Time: 3:00:43.4
  • WRC2Pro xC: 4th
  • RC2 Class xC: 13th
  • Overall xC: 26th
  • Average Pace: +1.5s/km
  • Rally Time Rating: 94.09%
  • Class Stage Wins: 0/19
  • Best Pace: First 4 stages
  • Notable Time Loss: SS5.
  • Review: It’s doubtful Gus was intending to win, openly stating he was building experience on snow. His pace was strongest before something happened on SS5 that seemingly knocked his confidence. Perhaps he was more cautious through the weekend with a fight for position unlikely.

Łukasz Pieniążek – Ford Fiesta R5

  • WRC2Pro Classification: 4th
  • RC2 Class Classification: 23rd
  • Overall Classification: 50th
  • Time: 3:52:56.7
  • WRC2Pro xC: 5th
  • RC2 Class xC: 15th
  • Overall xC: 29th
  • Average Pace: +3.5s/km (Completed Stages)
  • Rally Time Rating: 54.83%
  • Class Stage Wins: 0/19
  • Retirements: 1 (Off Road SS2)
  • Penalties: 1 (Jumpstart SS18 10s)
  • Best Pace: Saturday AM.
  • Notable Time Loss: Crashed into a tree on Friday’s first stage and retired for the day. Spin on SS13.
  • Review: Not a good rally for Lukasz at all. The first stage of the day is the worst to have an accident on and missed 7 stages. However he did finish the rally to score vital points.

Eerik Pietarinen – Skoda Fabia R5

  • Overall Classification: DNF
  • WRC2Pro xC: 3
  • RC2 Class xC: 10
  • Overall xC: 23
  • Average Pace: +0.7s/km (Completed Stages)
  • Rally Time Rating: 0%
  • Class Stage Wins: 1/19
  • Retirements: 1 (Off Road SS19)
  • Best Pace: SS13, Stage win on the opening super special,
  • Notable Time Loss: Rolled on SS3, more time lost on SS5.
  • Review: A mixed review of performance. Pace was good in category but punctuated with poor moments. Survived an early roll but had to retire on the final stretch of SS18. Unfortunate in that he completed more than 97% of the rally and left with nothing. Compare to Pieniazek who left with 12 points despite only covering 56% of the route.

Comparison with WRC2 Entrants

Rally Sweden gPace chart for all WRC2Pro and WRC2 drivers.

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