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Rally Chile Recap

Ott Tanak‘s win at Rally Chile could be the greatest drive seen by any driver this season. He won with a big lead, he won several stages and was close even when not winning stages leading to a high RTR. An outstanding performance on the Bio Bio Power Stage gave him the maximum points haul. See the full analysis of how Ott Tanak won Rally Chile.

Sebastiens Ogier and Loeb gave an entertaining weekend fight for 2nd and 3rd respectively. In the end only 7.1s separated them. Fifth placed Elfyn Evans was last of the top class but gained a few positions thanks to retirements.

Teemu Suninen placed best of a group including Esapekka Lappi and Andreas Mikkelsen but the group were way off the pace of the elites. They did finish however, and above 3 strong drivers who faced issues.

Kris Meeke rolled heavily damaging the car but crucially stayed in the rally. His time loss summed to the time it took for spectators to gather to help put him the right way up. Oddly, he was given a time penalty after the conclusion of the rally which dropped him two positions.

Again, Jari-Matti Latvala suffered mechanical misfortune. A retirement on the final stage of Saturday incurred a 10 minute penalty that took him out the points positions.

Lastly championship leader Thierry Neuville and co-driver Nicolas Gilsoul took part in one of the most horrific accidents of modern times. Fortunately they only suffered cuts and bruises. A testament to modern safety standards and the level and limits set by WRC drivers.

See the full classifications at WRC.com.

Chart showing relativity between WRC drivers at Rally Chile.
Rally Chile overall times for WRC drivers displayed relatively.

Ott Tanak – Toyota Yaris

  • Overall Classification: 1st
  • Time: 3:15:53.8
  • Expected Classification (xC): 1st
  • Average Pace: +0.13s/km
  • Rally Time Rating: 99.39%
  • Stage Wins: 6/16
  • Points: 30
  • Power Stage: 1st
  • Best Pace: Friday pace was average +1/20th/km. The gap between Tanak and the rest on SS4 El Puma 2 was phenomenal. From Saturday he could control the lead by managing the pace. On the power stage he stepped back on it to beat Ogier by a tenth/km. Best RTR to date this season plus maximum points taken equals best single performance by any driver this season so far.
  • Notable Time Loss: Nil.

Sebastien Ogier – Citroen C3

  • Overall Classification: 2nd
  • Time: 3:16:16.9
  • Expected Classification (xC): 3rd
  • Average Pace: +0.21s/km
  • Rally Time Rating: 99.05%
  • Stage Wins: 2/16
  • Points: 22
  • Power Stage: 2nd
  • Best Pace: Strong all rally, but strongest of all drivers on Sunday when involved in a battle with chasing Sebastien Loeb. This suggests Ogier was driving near the limit, but not at it.
  • Notable Time Loss: Nil.

Sebastien Loeb – Hyundai i20

  • Overall Classification: 3rd
  • Time: 3:16:24.0
  • Expected Classification (xC): 2nd
  • Average Pace: +0.23s/km
  • Rally Time Rating: 98.94%
  • Stage Wins: 4/16
  • Points: 17
  • Power Stage: 4th
  • Best Pace: Fastest driver over Saturday losing only 6.7s to fastest stage times over 6 stages.
  • Notable Time Loss: Friday morning loop was slow but forgivable considering driver and car had never met on gravel competition before. And notable only because it could have cost the win!
Chart showing pace and performance of WRC drivers at Rally Chile.
s/km behind fastest stage times. Y-axis is stage wins (top) to 1s/km. X-axis is relative to the stage length, summing to the rally distance.

Elfyn Evans – Ford Fiesta

  • Overall Classification: 4th
  • Time: 3:17:30.5
  • Expected Classification (xC): 7th
  • Average Pace: +0.45s/km
  • Rally Time Rating: 97.95%
  • Stage Wins: 0/16
  • Points: 12
  • Power Stage: 7th
  • Best Pace: Saturday morning stages. Although mostly consistently good pace, strong times were due to a relax by the pacesetters.
  • Notable Time Loss: Dropped position on SS5 Espigado 2 and out the battle with Loeb and Meeke, although unlikely to have matched Loeb going forward. Sunday was a ‘no-mans-land’ drive to the finish.

Teemu Suninen – Ford Fiesta

  • Overall Classification: 5th
  • Time: 3:19:09.4
  • Expected Classification (xC): 8th
  • Average Pace: +0.78s/km
  • Rally Time Rating: 96.48%
  • Stage Wins: 0/16
  • Points: 10
  • Power Stage: 6th
  • Best Pace: SS10 Rio Lia 2 was a stand out performance.
  • Notable Time Loss: Couldn’t handle the conditions Friday morning stages as well as the more experienced drivers.
Pace heatchart for Rally Chile. Ott Tanak dominated, closely followed by Ogier and Loeb. Mikkelsen is well below 1s/km.

Esapekka Lappi – Citroen C3

  • Overall Classification: 6th
  • Time: 3:19:39.2
  • Expected Classification (xC): 9th
  • Average Pace: +0.87s/km
  • Rally Time Rating: 96.04%
  • Stage Wins: 0/16
  • Points: 8
  • Power Stage: 10th
  • Best Pace: Friday afternoon to catch Suninen and Mikkelsen after losing them in the morning.
  • Notable Time Loss: Well off WRC standard pace on Friday morning but managed to bring it back. A spin on what was a good run on the power stage cost what could have been a few bonus points.

Andreas Mikkelsen – Hyundai i20

  • Overall Classification: 7th
  • Time: 3:20:32.8
  • Expected Classification (xC): 10th
  • Average Pace: +1.050s/km
  • Rally Time Rating: 95.24%
  • Stage Wins: 0/16
  • Points: 6
  • Power Stage: 8th
  • Best Pace: SS1 was OK despite hitting a rock. He finished the rally whilst others retired.
  • Notable Time Loss: Without any excuse of mechanical failure or driving incidents, an average pace of more than 1s/km is not good enough for a WRC level driver with this experience. However, Andreas admitted his pace notes were not up to standard after the rally.
Classic gPace chart for Rally Chile showing two distinct groups, plus Lorenzo Bertelli.

Kris Meeke – Toyota Yaris

  • Overall Classification: 10th
  • Time: 3:24:27.2
  • Expected Classification (xC): 6th
  • Average Pace: +1.62s/km
  • Rally Time Rating: 91.75%
  • Stage Wins: 2/16
  • Penalties: 1:00.0 for working on the windscreen inside TC.
  • Points: 2
  • Power Stage: 5th
  • Best Pace: Had a very good Saturday after the rally-defining roll.
  • Notable Time Loss: A roll on the opening stage of Saturday dropped about 6 minutes plus a minute for the penalty. Other times were variable between good to great.

Jari-Matti Latvala – Toyota Yaris

  • Overall Classification: 11th
  • Time: 3:26:53.0
  • Expected Classification (xC): 5th
  • Average Pace: +0.35s/km
  • Rally Time Rating: 89.58%
  • Stage Wins: 2/16
  • Retirements: 1 Mechanical
  • Points: 3
  • Power Stage: 3rd
  • Best Pace: Strong all rally.
  • Notable Time Loss: A couple of small mistakes and unhappy at times with set up but let down by the car. Ultimately a broken driveshaft cost him podium contention an took him out the points completely.
Chart showing Rally Chile High, Low and Overall Positions.
High-Low-Overall Positions. Few drivers dropped positions to finish.

Thierry Neuville – Hyundai i20

  • Overall Classification: DNF
  • Expected Classification (xC): 4th
  • Average Pace: +0.26s/km (Completed Stages)
  • Rally Time Rating: 0.00%
  • Stage Wins: 2/16
  • Retirements: Roll on SS8 Maria Las Cruces
  • Points: 0
  • Power Stage: DNS
  • Best Pace: Stage wins on SS3 and SS7.
  • Notable Time Loss: The roll on SS8.

If you enjoyed this Rally Chile Pace Report you may enjoy the in depth analysis of winner Ott Tanak’s drive. There are many other pace reports available such as the last round in Rally Argentina, or the next round of Rally Portugal. Featured image credit to Ott Tanak.

I’m trying to investigate more possibilities in WRC analysis, if this is something you would like to be involved in please get in touch. Please let me know if you have any comments too – @PushingPace or @WRCStan.

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