Rally Finland 2018 – WRC Pace Review

Do you want to see the Rally Finland 2019 analysis?

Rally Finland Headlines

  • Tanak Shows Fastest Pace of any driver in 2018
  • Ostberg Keeps Pace with Ott, likely to be instructed to dial it down
  • Neuville in No Mans Land
  • Mixed luck for Breen and Lappi
  • Poor weekend for M-Sport allows for team orders
  • Another Leg 1 blow for Mikkelsen

The Rally Leaders

Rally Finland 2018 Pace Performance Chart. Ott Tanak had the best overall pace of any driver on any rally in 2018.

The Wider View – All Drivers

Rally Finland 2018 Pace Performance Chart for all Drivers. Khalid Al-Qassimi played his usual pace but suffered car issues on Saturday, finishing over one hour after Tanak. Andreas Mikkelsen crashed on SS4 but remained in the rally.

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