2018 Total Driver’s Points Stacked By The Events They Were Won On

The 2018 WRC season is over and Sebastien Ogier takes the title for a sixth time in a row. Like many people I congratulate him and all the other drivers for a thrilling season, though a more important question remains. Is there a pretty graph to show the total points broken down into which events they were won on? Of course, here is the most beautiful and colourfully stacked bar chart the WRC has ever seen.

Stacked Bar Chart of 2018 WRC Drivers Championship points.
WRC Drivers Points Bar Chart Stacked by Rally. Click to open larger.

Note I’ve only included drivers on this chart that were entered as manufacturer’s entries (at any point) for an easier comparison of the WRC season’s contenders. To see the table in full head to WRC or FIA.

What stories does this one bar chart tell? Honestly, little that most rally fans already knew, but I’ll present it to somebody who has missed the 2018 action.

Sebastien Ogier

Firstly, the Champion Sebastien Ogier won points in every round except Rallye de Portugal, which he won in 2017. Secondly it shows he had a very strong start to the year followed by a poor middle by his standards. It was also a stronger finish than his championship rivals.

Thierry Neuville

Thierry Neuville also picked up points in all but one event – Australia. He had a very strong first half to the season picking up wins and podiums but this was followed by a very poor second half where he managed only one podium place and scored only half those of rival Ott Tanak across the 6 events.

Ott Tänak

Ott Tänak took 3 wins a row (Finland, Germany and Turkey). These launched him from nowhere into a three horse race for the title. Compare the points after Italy to after Turkey.

The Rest

Most of the remaining drivers show they can routinely pick up points across a spread of the events they did. Without knowing that information it could be taken Sordo’s 5 good performances were as good as Breen’s haul of lower points from more events. This is not showing that Sordo did 7 events whereas Breen did 11. This type of bar chart is a good visualisation of high and low points but not useful for deep analysis.

Data Table of 2018 WRC Drivers Championship points by rally/round.
Data Table of 2018 WRC Drivers Championship Points

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