Rally Time Ratings

Rally Time Ratings are a percentage score to rate the overall result of a rally for a driver. This includes penalties, Rally 2 times for stages missed and is therefore a rating of the result of a rally. This means it takes into account team decisions and tactics and is not based purely on the driving.

A score of 100% is equal to winning all stages with no penalties. A 0% score is equivalent to a rally of Rally 2 times for all stages. This is the score you and I scored by not entering. It is possible then for a driver to score a negative percentage.

Rally Time Ratings

T. NEUVILLE 98.6498.3898.3698.9899.13099.0997.0698.5186.21
S. OGIER 98.6880.8199.3498.398.2999.0598.5437.7398.4288.84
O. TÄNAK 96.5399.099997.2887.9699.3999.397.6398.3297.02
E. EVANS 098.2498.7897.85097.9593.6398.3397.973.1
D. SORDO 83.8897.6598.0177.5498.7497.6591.16
A. MIKKELSEN 098.2774.4698.5195.2498.3496.7677.47
S. LOEB 96.3397.7295.2698.94096.3377.65
T. SUNINEN 81.5986.75097.5595.2996.4897.1698.5795.8981.67
K. MEEKE 93.3497.8595.1993.7898.2891.75095.3194.4883.19
J. LATVALA 96.388.0186.4692.198.0889.5890.283.5989.8990.54
P. TIDEMAND 70.5196.3683.4483.44
E. LAPPI 098.4256.0396.79096.04096.5476.0355.48

What is the Rally Time Rating useful for?

When looking across the season and taking averages you can see who gets close most of the time. Classified positions don’t take into account that the time difference between first and second may be massively different to second and third.

Why not look at percentages for all stages?

You cannot give percentage scores for all stages as they are different lengths. To sum or average across the rally you need to weight the percentages to the length of the stage. Once you do this you achieve the same result anyhow.

You can average the Rally Time Ratings percentages across rallies as each rally is worth the same amount of the championship points. This is even though the time differences hidden within the percentages are different.