What is Rally 2?

Rally 2 is a name given to the set of rules allowing a competitor to re-enter a rally after having already retired. The rules allow competitors to fully benefit from entering a rally and prevent a waste of time, effort and investments should they retire early. Another benefit is in entertainment value by giving a second chance to those who might push too much.

Up to the late 00’s Rally 2 went by the name ‘SuperRally’. However for 2019 another change to the descriptive ‘Restarting after a Retirement’ is the official term. Realistically though the three terms all mean the same thing and can informally be used interchangeably.

What Are Rally 2 Rules?

The FIA publish the full Rally 2 rules in the WRC Sporting Regulations each year. In brief the rules are:

  • Any crew that fails to complete a section can restart the following morning.
  • Any crew that is more than 30 minutes late at any time control cannot continue for the day. Crews may be able to restart the following day.
  • A time penalty will apply for each stage not completed.
  • The organisers of a rally can choose whether to allow or partially allow Rally 2.

Time Penalties

For each stage a crew fails to complete, a penalty time of 7 minutes plus the fastest time set by another competitor in the same priority group is added. However, the penalty is 10 minutes plus the fastest time if only the last stage of the day is missed.

Why Have Rally 2?

Rally 2 rules mean if a competitor crashes or has mechanical issues in a stage they can still compete in the rally. This is rewarding for the elite field as they are still likely to score championship points. For private entrants it allows maximum return on investment on entering the rally. It is also beneficial for spectators who want to see drivers compete.